Sakshi Singh Dhoni On The Only Person Who Can Upset MS Dhoni And More


MS Dhoni’s wife Sakshi Singh Dhoni celebreated her 32nd birthday on Thursday, and she took to social media to share a picture with her husband, which was an instant hit. MS Dhoni’s IPL franchise, Chennai Super Kings (CSK), also posted a video on Sakshi’s birthday, in which she can be heard sharing quite a few secrets, from who can upset and provoke Dhoni to what she thought of his long hairdo, which he sported at the beginning of his international career.


In the video, Sakshi starts off by revealing that she is the only person who can upset and provoke her husband.

“Kahin aur ka gussa, comes out on me. I’m fine with it,” Sakshi Dhoni says in the video, while revealing that Dhoni is closest to her.

Saskhi also said that Dhoni and her don’t discuss cricket at home and then goes on to reveal that their daughter Ziva doesn’t listen to anybody but her father.

“First of all we don’t discuss cricket. That’s his profession. They are professionals. You cannot talk about his baby, his love.”

“She (Ziva) only listens to him. If I’m telling do something. If I’m telling her finish your food quickly or eat this vegetable, I’ll have to tell her 10 times, including Mahi’s mother, including Sheila aunty. Mahi will tell her once and it will just happen in a jiffy,” Sakshi says in the video.

Then comes the fun part where Saskhi speaks about her thoughts on Dhoni’s “John Abraham” hairdo, which at one point of time use to be a hot topic of discussion.

“Luckily I did not see him with long hair because if I had seen him in that orange long hair, I wouldn’t have ever looked at him. There has to be aesthetics. John (Abraham) it sorted of suited him that time, but Mahi with long hair and with that orange colour on top, was like…(Sakshi rolls her eyes).”

Sakshi then speaks about Dhoni not being there during Ziva’s birth but says she was completely fine with it.

“Ziva was like a pre-planned baby. It was going to happen during the World Cup and it didn’t make sense for him to come back and see her. Everybody in the hospital was like, ‘Oh your husband is not coming’. I was like it’s fine, cricket is his priority and he’s my priority. When you are in love you can’t call it sacrifice. You just do it because you love that person,” Sakshi signed off.


MS Dhoni didn’t have a great time in the IPL 2020, which was held in the UAE due to the coronavirus pandemic. Chennai Super Kings finished second from bottom, not qualifying for the playoffs for the first time.

The former India captain, however, made it clear that this was not his last IPL and he will return next season.

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